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Hospital Information System: Reasons for adopting this advanced system


Majority of the hospital management is considering automating their hospital process. However, several do question as to why undertake this unnecessary expensive task, when the staffs have the right expertise and knowledge to perform these aspects manually! Hence, before taking a decision to go ahead with the implementation of the best hospital information system or to ignore it, there is a need to know the kind of advantages that it brings about.

Following are some advantages to know:


Once properly implemented, the system is good enough to eliminate good amount of manual work which is otherwise necessary in hospitals, especially where record keeping and documentation is crucial. Also manpower necessity is reduced drastically since all the work is automated and there is no need for manual intervention for analyzing or storing information. Thus, it saves on precious money and storage costs.

Eliminates error scope

This automation process ensures that all assigned tasks are carried out with great accuracy and requiring the least human intervention, thereby eliminating scope of error dramatically. For example, using this system, when the IDP patient is billed for drugs, there is hardly any mistake, since the drug that is indented is actually billed for. This is until there is experienced change in the drug order or shortage in stock after sending of indents. The standard automation procedure does help to save per unit drug rate. Selecting drug name and quantity will calculate amount accurately.

Avail patient data easily

With the automation system carefully implemented, it becomes possible to access patient data with just few clicks and from various departments. In case, there is a need for the treating physician to recheck patient test reports, then IPD file will not be necessary, since the system will provide instant access to such reports to help take timely treatment decisions.

Enhanced patient care

With implementation of the best hospital information system, it becomes much easier to take faster clinical decisions and enjoy enhanced work efficiency. The diagnostic reports availed instantly can help provide proper treatments to all patients, thereby helping them to recover quickly. Moreover, automation does help all departments to be interconnected and to pass on information quickly to improve patient care quality.

Enhanced efficiency

Using automated software will mean mechanical processing without human intervention, thus improving efficiency significantly. Software is not likely to face human issues like miscommunication, lack of focus or fatigue. All tasks will be carried out accurately.

Increased retrieve-ability and data security

It is necessary for hospitals to maintain and update records continuously. But they face two challenges like maintenance of data only with authorized access and retrieving it quickly. Besides this are faced perennial problems like safeguarding from natural elements such as pest damage, space shortage, etc. Such problems can be eliminated by adopting this system. Data gets stored on cloud or server.

Therefore, it can be safely stated that this system not only helps to provide the best IT solution but also offers better patient care and clear information, thereby enabling hospital profitability.

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