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Need for Modern Lab Management Software for the Laboratory


The fact is that the last couple of years have witnessed evolving of laboratory requirements. Moreover, the need for each and every facility has been differing widely. Prior to evolution of technology, analysis and management of lab samples had been prone to experiencing transcription errors and also were time-consuming. Fortunately, custom in-house solutions have been introduced in today’s modern world, thereby allowing accurate information management and better lab efficiency. The modern healthcare industry has been able to enjoy enhanced patient outcomes.

With the best lab management software, it has become much easier for sample tracking to planning complex tools to manage the various aspects associated with laboratory informatics.

How modern software can help enhance and improve lab workflow?

Improves ROI

Using modern LIMS (Lab Information Mgt. Systems), it has become easier for lab workers to streamline processes and to increase overall efficiency at the workplace. There are present configurable solutions that can help users to manage data and track samples within different lab environments, spread across diverse industries. Such programs will be able to match the specific needs of each and every laboratory, not requiring any kind of programming code. This leads to much better system life and enhanced ROI.

Manages efficiently electronic data exchange

Growing data volume created and gathered in labs combined with increased focus upon business profitability means, modern software is better improved to manage more seamlessly electronic data exchanges. The process includes monitoring of export/import of remote sample data along with mobile technology integration. The modern software programs do support real time exchanges of electronic health recorded that are used in clinical settings and hospitals.

Assists in sample management

Efficient sample management is considered to be a key challenge to run successfully a laboratory information system in India. Hence, the lab software’s core function is to aid the process. New samples can be registered by the modern lab software at receipt point to produce barcodes and get affixed to sample containers. Software is able to track custody chain and sample location at any point of time including any thaw cycles and freeze required. With every lab requiring different trackers, the vendor needs to configure the software, keeping in mind the lab’s adaptable environment. Regular inspections will be received by software users from FDA, GLP, HIPAA or CLIA to assure compliance of sample management solution with industry specifications.

Supports instrument integration

Different types of instruments are required in the lab setting and hence, increased importance is placed upon lab equipment integration. Software chosen should develop control files to be transferred into the instrument like sample plate or tube. Then result files may be imported for extracting data to provide quality control.

Other software functions

Besides providing the above key functions, modern lab software does offer several other features to improve lab workflow, like audit management, barcode handling, compliance, report distribution, time tracking, inventory management, etc.

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