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macshell Informatics
Mac-arry-e-go is a desk top application that gives you the freedom of brilliant operational speed. It has the back end of MySQL for windows at client machine and developed in VB to assure that the application works well even in low configured system as well. Mac-arry-e-go carries all the advantages of the Desk top application with the versatility of an online solution.


  • Online Application installation
  • Highly Secured Data Exchange
  • Multiple Operating Heads
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Owners)
  • Back ups - a click away
  • Solution integrated
  • Corporate Website
  • Lowest Communication Overheads
  • Hybrid Technology
  • Online Administrative Backend
  • MIS Reports
  • Taxation Reports

Ensured Security

Flawless Security is ensured to secure your business data. Highest security is offered through fool-proof hardware fingerprint verification before the database is connected. Encrypted data transfer and operator permissions from HO ensure maximum security and control for the head office over the work flow.

Lowest Business Overheads

Reduction of communication leads to considerable amount of the cost and effort saving the clarity and accuracy of inter office communications, cutting cost and investments for leased lines are direct benefits other than considerable reduction in multiplication of task. The logistic cycle is completed with minimum resources and manpower providing maximum control over the process. This alone have significant effect on reduction of business.

Other Advantages:

  • Centralized Administrative code

Mac-arry-e-go is designed with the idea of total control over the branches from the head office. Head office can dynamically manage the rate setting, branch commission, branch users, trip management, edit the waybills, control the delivery, online customer tracking, online booking management.. what else? It can even control the branch database. The best way to enforce total control over the branches distributed across the country.
  • Multiphase Automation

Mac-arry-e-go is a capable of partial automation of your branches. The reasons for partial automation may be several ones like branch operator is a computer illiterate, budgetary constraints, connectivity problems, branch is not profitable etc. Macshell will help to initiate the automation process to selected branches initially. Macshell keeps your organization totally automated irrespective of the fact that only few branches are connected to it.
  • Multiple companies in Single Interface

Mac-arry-e-go efficiently supports multiple companies. You can even assign different operators for the separate companies. All your business can be operated from a single source solution Mac-arry-e-go.
  • Administrator Controlled User Management

Mac-arry-e-go fully understands the surety concerns in providing permissions to employees and developed and relax! Mac-arry-e-go always values your data and keeps it super safe. Within minutes it restores your entire valuable database.
  • Centrally Controlled Invoice Rate Settings

An invoice usually consists different price heads like Freight charges, surcharge, Handling charges, stationary charges etc. All of these can be controlled from a central office which will get distributed into all branch databases, when they get sync with the server. You can save different rate settings in the software for different brands you operate.
  • Branch Wise Demurrage Settings

The rate per area of a warehouse at the heart of Connaught Place in Delhi and Jaipur in Rajasthan a polls apart. When you create a new branch, demurrage charges for that branch need to be specified, the same applies for all transaction and the time of delivery the demurrage charges calculated automatically.
  • Paid, Payable, Partial Pay Feature

Mac-arry-e-go is capable of accounting your operational transactions under different heads. A way will be generated with different payment heads, as consigner paid, consignee payable, partial paid balance to pay etc. The partial payment facility is activated automatically from the cash receipt.
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