Laboratory Information System

Why healthcare sector should use the lab inventory management

In a laboratory, hundreds of patients come for medical procedures and assistance. The quality of service also includes the convenience offered to those patients. And a laboratory can only do that by utilizing the advanced technologies.

With Macshell, you get the best Lab Management Software to satisfy your customers with convenient support and reduced efforts. We know the importance of systematic structure of lab procedures, which is why we have developed this scalable software system. Our LIS offers user-friendly interface with comprehensive operational capacity. All employees and staff members can easily understand and start utilizing the system from the day one.

Leading with Laboratory Information System in India, Macshell offers you an integrated system to store and manage data regarding all medical procedures conducted in your lab. The flexibility and adaptable nature of our software allow all sizes of laboratories to utilize the system to their advantage.

Solution Highlights

Vipha LIS provides healthcare organizations capabilities to generate revenue through new business lines

Integrated Sales Billing

Macshell LIS includes great features of billing to help in lab management

Multi-Store Management

Our system allows you to manage multiple stores inside the hospital.

Management Reports

With our LIS, you can maintain multiple reports related to the procedural summary.

SMS / Email Notification

You can ensure the accuracy with paperless from purchase orders to reports.

Key Features & Benefits:

Add and Manage Data

Our system allows you to include data related to customers, doctors, procedures, and patients. You can include new data and edit the old data, according to the latest criteria. Along with that, the system allows you to search for the required data and presents in an easy to understand manner. A few clicks make all the required data regarding a patient or a doctor visible. Hence, you can serve patients more efficiently.

Utilize Quick and Secure Billing

Macshell LIS includes great features of billing to help in lab management. The accounting and inventory management features are built into the system. Password protected accounts allow secure accessibility of the billing information. Patients receive accurate billing without wasting any time. At the same time, your lab staff becomes more productive with the inventory management.

Admin Section

Utilizing the admin section of our LIS, your operations get one admin who can manage everything at once. The admin can be an authoritative person in the lab handling all the procedures. This provides the ability to monitor each operation without actually being physically available there. An admin can keep an eye on all activities without moving away from his or her chair.

Specimen Management

Accuracy in specimen management decides the quality of reports and the reputation of your lab. With our LIS, you can ensure the accuracy with smooth management of specimen. Our system allows management of specimen collection, status of the samples, and the rejection status as well. In fact, your staff can easily see the reports of discarded sample types.

Insightful Reports

With our LIS, you can maintain multiple reports related to the procedural summary. The system allows graphical visualization of the reports along with properties such as printing, discarding and sharing reports via internet.

Test Result Management

Get automated updates of test results in the system. Include results with patient’s information and share or print according to the requirements. Combine multiple reports of one patient to see the whole picture of patient’s condition. Secure collection of test results with selected accessibility.

What Our Client’s Say

Macshell’s software solutions have benefited organizations worldwide. Explore what our esteemed clients have to say about our support, products and more!

Being the MD, our hospital needed the right software to help manage all the patient care activities effectively. Choosing Macshell has simplified several complicated processes. Taking care of patient care and administrative activities can now be done very easily. Macshell also helps in the generation of operational statistics and extensive reports.

Mr. R.S. Buttar (MD) Healing Hospital, Chandigarh, India

Managing a Hospital can be a challenging task. Thanks to Macshell! The Hospital Management Software has changed the whole scenario of our hospital. The HMS not only helps in keeping the hospital organized, but also provides medication suggestions on the basis of symptoms, as and when requested.

Mr. Gajanand Gupta (Admin) CAREMAX, Jalandhar, India

With the help of Macshell’s Hospital Information System, keeping a tab on the administrative activities has become easier. It couldn’t have been any better. HIS has a big role to play in managing the Hospital, be it generating reports or maintaining an electronic medical record. Macshell has definitely been a blessing in disguise. Thank you Macshell!

Col. Sobti (CEO) Cosmo Hospital, Mohali, India

To make a blood bank work, it is extremely crucial to handle the Reporting, Accounting, Inventory, and Billing effectively. There is no room for error. With the help of Blood Banks ERP, these functions couldn’t have been smoother. Macshell has definitely done an outstanding job with the Blood Bank ERP.

IMA IMA Blood Bank Of Uttarakhand, India

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