Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP its distinct advantage in business

With cloud-based accessibility, Macshell offers you a GST compliant solution of Enterprise Resource Planning. Our Vipha ERP is the ultimate business intelligence solution you need to employ “slice and dice” approach. With this approach, our software redefines KPIs, data analysis and report presentation. You can gather accurate data and generate actionable reports with them. All the presumptions get removed with our ERP, empowering your whole business.

The cloud-based solution of our ERP Software Development Company in India saves you from high-cost infrastructures. Vipha ERP is admired for its mobility and combination of effective features of authorizations, escalations, workflows, and reporting. This combination offers a visualized overview of all operations in an adhered manner.

With the modular structure of our ERP, business owners can make informed-decisions, generate strategies and design multiple workflows.

Solution Highlights

ERP software improves productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes.


ERP is helpful in reducing the requirement to manually enter information

Integrated Information

Instead of separate databases and you will find all the information located in a single location.


With enhanced reporting system it’s easy for your company to respond to intricate data requests a lot easily.


With a new system you get better accuracy, consistency and data security.

Key Features & Benefits

Purchase Management

Our ERP covers all kinds of purchases and provides the ability to compare vendor quotations. All purchase requests become visible in a sorted form. You can utilize our ERP to handle multiple warehouses in different locations and automatic order generation according to the purchase requests. At the same time, you can update price and quality amendments, and provide automatic debit note.

Order and Sales Management

Manage your order processing, sales invoices, and dispatches. Maintain a large customer database with shipping addresses and contacts. Plan the whole sales and delivery cycle along with return authorization. You can allow automated creation of credit note. Also, maintain products as per different groups, regions, categories. Our solution also offers charts, VAT reports, and adaptable query system as well.

Inventory and Stores

We offer complete management of inventory to handle WIP, raw material, B2B, job work and stock levels. You can manage multiple warehouses in different locations and transfer of stocks at the same time. Take care of the material inspection, sales, and purchases in no time. Utilize reports of valuation regarding stock movement with respect to cost, average, and Fifo. Analyse your stock to find defective materials, expiration dates, aging, and other aspects.

Production Strategy and Control

Use our ERP to schedule daily production with pre-production strategy and ongoing control. Make product-focused decisions in no time. Utilize our software capabilities for material requirement planning. Also, get visualized support of scheduling and planning software to plan production. Control production for multiple plants, warehouses, companies or offices.

Job Sourcing and Contracting

Ensure a smooth workflow in production with our job work solutions. Utilize Vipha ERP to assign and manage sub-contracting, job against order and other contracts. Maintain an in-depth database of job receipts and issues, so that, you can handle them with prioritization. Ensure fair distribution of job for each worker in the inventory. Also, you can monitor the status of ongoing jobs.

Accounts and Finance

Our ERP solution includes advanced accounting and finance system. Management of payments, receipt, journal vouchers, bank, and even cash obtains an efficient model. You can analyse all expenses and income with respect to different departments. Get payment reminders and analyse your cash flow and allocate budget. And it all comes with service tax and GST reports.

What Our Client’s Say

Macshell’s software solutions have benefited organizations worldwide. Explore what our esteemed clients have to say about our support, products and more!

Being the MD, our hospital needed the right software to help manage all the patient care activities effectively. Choosing Macshell has simplified several complicated processes. Taking care of patient care and administrative activities can now be done very easily. Macshell also helps in the generation of operational statistics and extensive reports.

Mr. R.S. Buttar (MD) Healing Hospital, Chandigarh, India

Managing a Hospital can be a challenging task. Thanks to Macshell! The Hospital Management Software has changed the whole scenario of our hospital. The HMS not only helps in keeping the hospital organized, but also provides medication suggestions on the basis of symptoms, as and when requested.

Mr. Gajanand Gupta (Admin) CAREMAX, Jalandhar, India

With the help of Macshell’s Hospital Information System, keeping a tab on the administrative activities has become easier. It couldn’t have been any better. HIS has a big role to play in managing the Hospital, be it generating reports or maintaining an electronic medical record. Macshell has definitely been a blessing in disguise. Thank you Macshell!

Col. Sobti (CEO) Cosmo Hospital, Mohali, India

To make a blood bank work, it is extremely crucial to handle the Reporting, Accounting, Inventory, and Billing effectively. There is no room for error. With the help of Blood Banks ERP, these functions couldn’t have been smoother. Macshell has definitely done an outstanding job with the Blood Bank ERP.

IMA IMA Blood Bank Of Uttarakhand, India

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