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Get Familiar with Trending Healthcare Software Solutions 2018


Staying up to date with the advancement of the technology is needed in every sector of the society now. One such area where one has to remain updated is healthcare. As technological innovations and digital advancements are inevitable, one has to adopt every possible new technology. Healthcare is a sector where the innovations are need of the hour, and it will be affected more if one moves slowly with the technology. Therefore, one has to keep pace with new healthcare software solutions.

There are many upcoming trends and innovations which are going to be part of the world soon. You need to be updated about it, so here we are sharing the list of some of the upcoming trends regarding the healthcare software solutions with you. So that way, you will have a good knowledge of what is going around in the healthcare sector.

Shift towards User-Friendly Treatments

As per the new trend, the patient-centric services for improved user empowerment and engagement will be in the top news in health technology this year. There are going to be so many innovations which are going to put patients at the center of the digital experience In order to create a more user-friendly experience for patients, there will be a shift toward more user-centered design elements in digital as well as mobile health platforms. These upcoming platforms are going to be very easy to use for the patients which will make patients in becoming more engaged in making healthcare decisions. They will also follow more treatment plans for their own self.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

AI is becoming a fast-growing technology with its so many perks. The medical sector is not untouched by this technology, and the healthcare sector is adopting this technology at a faster rate in 2018. If we go by the International Data Corporation (IDC) Report, it is predicted that 20 per cent of healthcare organizations will use cognitive and artificial intelligence technology and will see 15 to 20 per cent productivity gains by 2020. The biggest advantage of using this technology is that AI systems are able to interpret data quickly; therefore, it will be easier for the medical practitioner to make decision making and predictions faster hence helping in diagnostics at the right time. Not only it is limited to clinical decision support and health management, but AI technology will also be used in many more areas in the healthcare center. AI systems would be able in diagnosing diseases and special health conditions with tools like predictive analysis and image recognition.

Improving Mobile Health

Mobile is becoming a part of our day-to-day life, and now we have made it a part of our healthcare as well. The use of mobile solutions is now increasing, and with the improvements, updates, and advancements in these digital services, it is going to give more and more to the patients. This advancement includes mobile apps for monitoring health, tele-medicine and developing new technologies, which will help the patient in the engaging in these services. Predictions are also made that by 2019; there will be a 50 percent increase in digital mobile engagement, as per the IDC predictions report.

There is no doubt that these advanced healthcare solutions will eliminate all inefficiencies related to the sector in the near future.

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